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Frequently Asked Questions

01 Why use a Web Designer?

Using a web designer can save you time and stress in the short-term, and deliver a website that offers tremendous value to your business in the long-run. There are website-building tools on the market for people with a basic understanding in web design, but it is important not to underestimate the limitations of these products, nor the amount of time they require to master. Ultimately, you will need to determine how important the website is to the success of your business, and if your time and resources would be better used elsewhere.

02 Why should I hire you?

By choosing to work with me, you can be safe in the knowledge that you will have a designer who:

  • Is committed to finding out and understanding your specific business needs and designing a personalised, custom-built website to support those needs.
  • Will provide a proposal clearly outlining the steps, timeline and pricing before commencing work on your website.
  • Will maintain communication throughout the build.
  • Will passionately create a website that is what you imagined and more, one that will help to automate your workload and increase your revenue.

03 What platform do you use?

I am a developer.

04 Why is a much better option for businesses than SquareSpace, Wix or WordPress.Com?

  • You own your website and all of its data. Your site will NOT be turned off because someone decides that it is against their terms of service (as long as you are not doing something illegal). You are in full control.
  • You can add free, paid, and custom WordPress plugins/apps to your website.
  • You can completely customize the design of your website.
  • You can make money from your WordPress site by running your own ads without sharing revenue with anyone.
  • You can use powerful tools like Google Analytics for custom analytics and tracking.
  • You can create an online store to sell digital or physical products, accept credit card payments, and deliver/ship the goods directly from your website.
  • You can also create membership sites and sell memberships for premium content, courses, etc and build an online community around your website.
  • is hands down the best platform. This is the platform that every professional blogger, small business owner, and even big-name brands like Disney uses.

05 How long does it take to build a website?

The length of time it takes to build a website can vary from just a few weeks to months, depending on the complexity and scale of the project. For most small to medium-sized businesses, website development will take around 4 to 8 weeks, with time set aside for planning, design, development, feedback/revisions and testing. The initial proposal will clearly lay out the timeline and launch date.

06 What is a custom website?

Custom built websites involve you and your business in the website decision making team behind your business. It starts with a creative process to understand who your target audience is, who you want to reach, how you want/need the website to function. Custom web design is design that has been personalised for the specific needs and identity of the business or organisation represented. Customisation might occur in the layout of the website, the functionality needed, the way in which the user interacts with it, or the design itself.

07 What do you mean by Premium Web Design?

A premium web designer build a custom website with your individual brand and business needs as the focal point. During a premium website build, the focus is on building a website as a marketing tool optimized for your brand. Premium websites are responsive, secure and include key functionality to help automate your business and also increase your business revenue.

08 Who looks after the website once it's launched?

Once the site is launched you can enter into a maintenance agreement or look after the website yourself. Maintenance agreements include

  • Troubleshooting any issues when they occur
  • Security updates
  • Updating plugins and integrations
  • Making minor changes to the website.

09 How should I contact you?

You can contact me by filling in this form.

10 Will my website be available on mobile?

Yes! Your website will be designed for use on all devices.

11 What currencies do you accept?

I am more than happy to with people from all over the world and can accept payment in any currency.

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